RAF Squadrons that provided crews to 617 Dambuster Squadron

When 617 Squadron (initially known as Squadron X) was formed in March 1943, Lancaster squadrons Bomber Command were requested to donate suitable aircrew for a special operation. It seems that crews volunteered or were recommended, either as full crews or as individual crew members.

The following list gives the 133 names of the aircrew that took part in Operation Chastise and the squadrons they were recruited from.

In addition, before receiving their purpose built Dambusting Lancasters 617 Squadron ‘borrowed’ 10 standard Lancasters from other 5 Bomber Group squadrons (as below) so they could immediately start their low-level training. Most were transferred to other squadrons as 617 Squadron received their dedicated modified Lancasters.

Three 50 Sqn Lancasters (W4112, W4196, and W4823) which had been delivered to RAF Scampton probably in preparation for the formation of 617 Sqn were all destroyed on 15 March 1943 when a 57 Sqn Lancaster (W4834) exploded when it was having its bomb load removed.

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