Polish 2nd Corps Cine films from the 1960s

A few years ago I bought several old cine films off eBay in a box that was labelled Monte Cassino. The seller said they had come from a house clearance and had no idea what was on them, but I bought them anyway.

In order to view them I bought a reel-to-reel projector and the contents were fascinating. They show various aspects of the ex Polish 2nd Corps personnel in the 1960’s

I didn’t have any sophisticated copying equipment, but simply projected the cine reels and then videoed them. There’s lots of phasing issues but at least they are watchable. I have put them on YouTube but have now brought them together in a single location.

I have donated the original cine films to the Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum in London.

Polish millennium (London 1966)
Polish millennium Celebrations, White City Stadium London – May 1966


General Władysław Anders at a football match in Cannock
Polish General Władysław Anders at a football tournament in Cannock (England) in the 1960’s.


25th Anniversary of the Battle of Monte Cassino
Rome, Cassino, Monte Cassino – Italy 18th May 1969


General Władysław Anders Lying in State, Church of Andrzej Bobola, London – May 1970


Generał Władysław Anders Funeral – Monte Cassino, 23rd May 1970


The Holy Family of Nazareth Convent School – Pitsford
Festyn – The Holy Family of Nazareth Convent School – Pitsford


Visit to Penrhos
Penrhos Polish Village near Abersoch, North Wales.


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A couple of extracts of chats I had with Polish 2nd Corps veterans.
Tadeusz Mastalski 1919 (Lwów, Poland) – 2014 (Preston, England). 3DSK.
Veteran of the Battle of Monte Cassino who was at the front for the entire battle describes his only injuries occurred 12 years later when he re-traced his steps and was scratched by thorns on his way to the Abbey.


Józef Królczyk 1913 (Tylmanow, Poland) – 2012 (Manchester, England). 5KDP.
Artillery Veteran of the Battle of Monte Cassino describes the start of the battle.


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