Useful Resources for Polish 2 Corps information

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Overview presentation of the history Polish 2nd Corps.



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List of Deportation TrainsDeport trains

Click on the link for a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

Deportation Trains Updated

Useful Groups

Kresy-Siberia Group

KSIt’s a magnificent group with lots of information and everybody willing to help.

They have a wonderful Virtual-Museum..

and a very useful links page

Kresy Family Group


and their website


WW2 – 2 Korpus Polski Facebook page



Useful Websites

The Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum

Extensive online archives

War Relics Forum – Polish Armed Forces in the West (Polskie Siły Zbrojne na Zachodzie) 1939-1947

The Polish Army archives

Pre-war individual and regiment records.

Centralne Archiwum Wojskowe
ul. Czerwonych Beretów bl. 124
00-910 Warsaw-Rembertów


Polish Exiles of WW2

Lots of detailed documents and links

Polish Resettlement Camps in England 1946-1969

Ships and Passenger Lists of Polish WW2 DPs arriving from Africa and Europe


The British National archives


Polish POWs following the Polish 1939 Campaign

Central Museum for Prisoners of War in Łambinowice

Centralne Muzeum Jeńcόw Wojennych
ul. Minorytów 3
45-019 Opole

Polish Army in France 1939-1940

Who subsequently did not serve under British Operational Command

Bureau Central des Archives Administratives Militaires
Place de verdun
Caserne Bernadotte
64023 Pau cedex


Family Name Searches

Program “Personal losses and victims of repression under German occupation”

If they were deported to Siberia, you can search a list of deportees. The list is incomplete but there are lots on it:

Polish version:,Wyszukiwanie.html

English version:

(you need to use Cyrillic and search alphabetically, so Pleszak = Плешак)

Victims of political terror in the Soviet Union, a general database

Victims of political terror, information available in Memorial archives

Stalin’s execution lists, 1937–1954

Repression victims executed in Moscow

Political Red Cross archives, 1918–1922

PDF version of the book containing data on the Polish POWs who were held at an NKVD camp in Kozelsk and fell victims to the Katyn massacre (large document)

Repression against the True Orthodox (Catacomb) Church members, late 1920s –1970s

Repression against the Catholic Church members, 1918 – 1980s

Hoover Institute’s Polish Archives

In particular hand-written testimonies in the Wladyslaw Anders Collection, 1939-1946.

Request for persons persecuted by National Socialism, their families and representatives

Mark Ostrowski’s excellent links

A very useful index for the Hoover archives:

Reports of Polish deportees, 1941

database of those deported to Arkhangielsk Oblast

Army Records

The British MOD will provide all the information about medals and Army career and some pre-Army history too. However it will usually be an English summary so when you ask, ensure you request their complete zeszyt ewidencyjny and you will get copies of original army records (hand written and in Polish). If they never claimed their English medals (probably 4 or 5) the MOD will supply them. It’s a free service if you can prove you are closely related.

Polish Army in Exile Records-British Ministry of Defence (MOD)
Send details of your relationship to the soldier in question and the possible units and dates of service using the Subject Access Request (SAR) form located at:

The requests should be back up by the following documentation (photocopies of documents are acceptable):

1. If the ex-serviceman is deceased, the official next of kin must give authority for disclosure. To establish this authority, please complete a Certificate of Kinship,
located at :

You ca request records of deceased service personnel at:

2. Once the authority to disclose is established, please provide the following documentation:

a) Death Certificate of ex-serviceman and
b) Marriage Certificate (in the case of widows), or
c) Birth Certificate (in the case of children) plus Death Certificate of the mother if applicable or her written consent if information is to be released to a person other than the widow, and
d) Any other documents, which prove kinship

Information is issued free of charge to the widows of ex-servicemen and to those who are residents in the post-communist countries. All other interested parties are charged £30 for the service. Payment can be made by cheque, UK Postal Order or International Money Order. These should be made payable to:

“Ministry of Defence – Accounting Officer”

Please apply by post or e-mail to:

Building 60
RAF Northolt
West End Road

Tel: 0208 833 8603



To claim any British war medals


To claim Siberian Exiles Cross (Krzyża Zesłańców Sybiru)

This is quite complicated and can take a long time to process. Applicants must have been exiled to Siberia and still alive on 1 January 2004.

To apply click the image below:

Siberia cross

Thanks to Elizabeth Gradosielska Olsson from the Kresy Family group for the following documents. (Click on the link to open the document)

Notes on Siberian cross application

Blank application for SIBERIAN CROSS Polish-1

English version of SIBERIAN CROSS application-1

Example of filled in application Siberian Cross


The best maps of pre-WW2 Poland are from Map Archive of Wojskowy Instytut Geograficzny 1919 – 1939.


NCB (National Coal Board)

Iron Mountain provide a free information service for those that worked for the NCB in teh UK. In order to request information:

  1. Complete that proforma below
  2. Provide 2 pieces of identification

Send the completed proforma in the post to:

Iron Mountain (UK) Ltd
PO Box 3238
ST16 9LS

Or email it to:

CES013 Request Proforma DPA v1.1 June 2009




Mark Ostrowski for all the help over many years
Krzysztof Jeżewski for link to records of deceased service personnel
Lucyna Artymiuk for additional links
Tania Robinson for details of the NCB information request service




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