Honeybee Diary for the Inside Marple Magazine

The complete year of articles for the bi-monthly Inside Marple glossy magazine JANUARY – FEBRUARY 2022 Welcome to my regular feature on the life of the honeybee. Hopefully it will give you an insight into the world of the amazing honeybee as we progress through the year. In each edition I will be giving a … More Honeybee Diary for the Inside Marple Magazine

What is Honey?

I know it’s a stupid question. We all know what honey is – but do we really? Before I start, another common mis-conception is that all bees make honey. Well, here in the UK we have about 250 different species of bees and there are over 20,000 globally, but only the honeybee actually produces any … More What is Honey?

In consideration of the dreaded Himalayan Balsam

Himalayan Balsam is a common weed familiar to everybody. It is vehemently hated by some and actively persecuted by others. However, it does have some redeeming features and whilst I can understand the reasons for it being much despised I feel somebody has to speak up in support of this controversial but defenceless and, even … More In consideration of the dreaded Himalayan Balsam

Belarus Bees

I have been interested in bees all my life. I studied zoology at university and have really enjoyed keeping bees for the last 10 years. Although my dad came from a rural farming community in pre-war eastern Poland he showed no interest in bees and I don’t think he even liked honey. My dad’s story … More Belarus Bees